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Award winning JASÖN® has been established since 1959. It has grown in to a leading Global brand for people who look after themselves and their families from head to toe the natural way.

It began in 1959 and its original aim and success came from distributing professional and natural beauty products from New York to the Hollywood movie studios. The promise was to give consumers an alternative choice to mass-market, chemically dependent products.

The core value of this visionary company is to offer natural products containing pure, nutritional and organic ingredients that deliver benefits to the skin, hair and body. The consumer is becoming more and more aware of the avalanche of chemicals they eat and use on their bodies…of which many are toxic! These Chemicals are prolific, and besides being harmful to the environment, are a veritable cocktail of unnecessary ingredients to the mind and body.

JASÖN® Mission Statement:

‘To give consumers an alternative choice, free of unnecessary chemicals, for their skin, oral, hair, body and bath by developing high performance, natural personal care beauty products. We pledge to deliver outstanding topical benefits from products consisting entirely of environmentally supportive and all natural ingredients. Above all else, we shall continue to consider our consumers well being, our planet’s natural resources and our animal friends.’